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Portrait or Personal Image - Sharon  Godfrey

I grew up in the midwest where I had a young, artistic group of friends. We would go on photo shoots to develop our eyes. It always interested me how the same subject or scene could be interpreted in many different ways, depending on one's perspective. It also showed me that there is always another angle or view to see anything and everything in life.

Eventually my eyes longed to explore more than the great plains of the midwest ....I wanted to see mountains! So in the fall of 1998, I gave myself a year to pack up my nerve and my life to move out to the Pacific Northwest. There I got to explore more of nature's beauty with my camera and sometimes I would just stand in awe at the awesome mass of the mountains and natural waterfalls. For awhile I worked on the side as an assistant wedding photographer. I learned a lot about paying attention to detail with every shot and how to work with my surroundings; outside natural light versus indoor lighting or lack there of.

In the fall of 2001, I married and my husband's new job brought us kitty corner in the United States to Miami, Florida. I got my first job working at an upscale photo lab on South Beach and learned more about film, developing, printing and manipulating than I ever did in my photo class I took in college in Minnesota. I also worked part time for a company taking portraits of adults, children, couples and families which expanded my photographic eye and comfort level. I wanted to be comfortable working at any location and with any situation and to be able to put my creativity first and foremost. Miami is the first place where I really passionately pursued ALL forms and options to grow as a photographer, and took leaps and bounds toward my ultimate dreams. I want people to see exciting places and objects through my camera lens and to be inspired by what inspires me. While in Miami I have shot weddings, family portraits and have shown my photos and artwork in art/gallery shows to display my creative talent and photographic eye.

I've always had an interest in the arts. Photography now is my greatest passion, along with painting, poetry and cake decorating. Recently, in 2009, I've relocated to the Orlando area and I am loving the architecture and the variety of beauty that Orlando displays. I currently belong to the Orlando Camera Club and I am enjoying the photographic monthly competitions that are held. Through the years, the one greatest things that I have learned about photography is that once you snap a picture the photo isn't finished, rather that the creative process has just begun! : )

~Sharon Godfrey~

*I would like to say a special thank you goes out to my husband who has supported me and my journey 100%-thanks Sweetie, you are the world to me!*

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